Scouter’s Key Award

The Scouter’s Key Awards
Each award group has requirements covering basic training, performance, tenure, and certification. Scouters earning the Key Award in one program area MUST complete ALL requirements (including tenure) for a subsequent Key Awards in another program area. Scouters earning a Key Award cannot use the tenure for the Key Award toward earning the Scouters’ Key Award in the same program area.
Within a five-year period, complete at least three years of registered tenure as a Cubmaster or one year as a registered assistant Cubmaster plus two years as a registered Cubmaster.
(This can include the tenure used to earn the Scouter’s Training Award.)

Complete basic training for adult position.
Complete This Is Scouting training
Attend a pow wow or university of Scouting (or equivalent), or attend at least four roundtables (or equivalent) during each year of the tenure used for this award.
Do the following during the tenure used for this award:
Achieve at least the Silver level of Journey to Excellence for at least two years. The Quality Unit Award is acceptable if the tenure used is prior to 2011.
Earn the National Summertime Pack Award at least once.
Conduct an annual pack planning session and have a published pack meeting/activity schedule for the pack’s parents in each year.
Participate in at least one additional supplemental or advanced training event at the council, area, region, or national level.

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